The Good Artist at his easel.
Photograph by Lynda Ault, February 1973

Click here Interview for a link to the Recalling Carl interview
with James Lowe and Joseph Cowles at, 18 January 2012. Enjoy!

An Introduction to The Good Artist

CBFC Newsletter Summer 2013

Portfolio for Joseph Robert Cowles

The Classic Carl Barks Reader

The Piety of Disney

The Fanclub Newsletter #46

The Fanclub Newsletter #45

The Fanclub Newsletter #44

The Fanclub Newsletter #43

The Fanclub Newsletter #42

Memories of Meeting the Master

How was The Good Artist able to pack so much art
into tiny comic book panels?

The Homora Story-Part One

The Homora Story-Part Two

A fantasy conversation with Carl Barks
regarding story development and Flipism

The Popcorn Kid

The master storyteller
and the Master Wrecker

Before there was Carl Barks, there was Kay Kamen

The Fabulous One Cent Magenta Stamp

Barn Parties in the Olive Groves

Contact for The Good Artist


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